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Collaborative coaching

I’m coaching people who decide to achieve their objective by relying on the expertise of everyone involved

In order to do that, I dig in my toolcase made of past experiences : creativity methods, ecosystembased understanding of organisations, team management, collaborative tools… and I largely rely on the people with whom I’ve (re-)discovered the pleasure of thinking, getting forward and achieve.​

I’m coaching research projects, cultural actions and I can also step in to help businesses if relevant.​

Everything I do comes from the same ground : doing together

Gamification & Games
Collaborative projects

> Facilitation for conference, seminars, symposiums

> Design and facilitation of collaborative workshops and creativity sessions

> Tools for collaboration

> Science communication

> Responsible Research and Innovation

> Living Lab : concept, methods and tools

> Organisation of dedicated events

> Events’ gamification

> Games of cultural institutions


> Project design and planning

> Workshop and meetings facilitation

> Follow up

> Team building

> Implementation of the Living Lab approach

> Experiential change management

Sometimes I also talk on social networks

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