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I’m moving forward, balancing between rationality and intuition. I tend to size opportunities when they show up as long as they look like an adventure. Following this pattern I have done a round the globe trip (a bit sailing, a lot by plane) ; obtained a PhD in hydrobiology, went through a level 2 in diving ; programmed and facilitated conferences at the (Natural History) Museum of Toulouse ; caved in the heart of pyrenean caves and realized with joy that I wasn’t claustrophobic ; imagined a space to talk and experiment what Do-It-Yourself means and trigger the developpement of new Fab Labs ; manage a science based video-game project with FPS, termites and a maze ; brainstorm for hours with a bunch of crazy enthousiastic people about the Living Lab concept and what it meant for culture, education, and, let’s be ambitious, for society at large. Which led me to engage in the RRITools project, just to see what it was all about, and eventually to meet a handfull of great people and

discover a powerfull tool to think further, and better,  and dive back to research because I’m still in love with it, even though I’m not the one doing it anymore. I’ve imagined training courses for PhD students, the kind I would have liked to have when it was my turn. I’ve been looking for harpsichords (and stuffed animals) in the middle of nowhere-center-France for a movie set. I get tongue-tied in front of a camera,  but not in front of a microphone. I’ve facilitated my first creativity workshop feeling sick with fear because I was trying a methods I’d just found on the Internet, people liked it, and more important they produced beautiful things, so I kept on doing it. I've worked for public services, in the movies industry, I delivered libanese food trays for the staff of the music scene of La Villette and I worked of a non-profit organization. Today I’m a freelance, and tomorrow… we’ll see.

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